Saturday, February 19, 2011

on sandwiches and children

Yesterday, Lisha Cauthen from the Kansas City SCBWI wrote a review on her blog about what she called my "sandwich book," In the Path of Falling Objects.

And today, over on Lady Reader's Bookstuff there is yet another post -- more sandwich love for that book.

(I'll link the blogs below)

Sometimes, I suppose, books can be kind of quiet and invisible, like being a middle child, I guess -- something that I know a little bit about. Not that In the Path of Falling Objects was necessarily invisible -- it did win a lot of awards and praise, but it was likely, as Lisha suggests, a bit overshadowed by its big brother, The Marbury Lens.

Jack, stop picking on your little brothers.

One of these days, I suppose I'll write something about how maybe it isn't a good idea to write so much stuff [I have one particular writer friend that I am absolutely confident is nodding at this very moment and assuming a sinister I-told-you-so-dumbshit expression].

And... here I am, sitting at my computer at 5 in the morning with exactly two programs running: this one, and the file I am working on for my eighth [I hate the way that word -- 8th -- is spelled] novel.

If my books were my children, I would tell them I love them all, even if I don't want to stop breeding. I'll admit, too, that I've been abusive toward The Marbury Lens -- all those terrible times I've told him I wished he was never born.

We're trying to work our way through that, I guess.

But I do love my sandwich baby, In the Path of Falling Objects, and it's really comforting to see he hasn't been completely forgotten by book bloggers. After all, he's barely a year old.

I've said it before: I really don't think I choose to write what I do. It chooses me, and that's all there is to it. It's the only way I can explain number eight as it gestates inside the womb of its mother's hard drive.

Anyway, (sighs) I have a lot of **stuff** that I'm doing this year, and lots of news to tell about things, too.

And more stuffing to squeeze into the sandwich.

You can read Lisha Cauthen's review of In the Path of Falling Objects here.

You can read Amy (Lady Reader)'s review of In the Path of Falling Objects here.