Friday, February 25, 2011

five years time

So here goes the big scary weekend.

All I need now is to break out in zits, which, even at my age tends to happen on the exact day when I am scheduled to make an appearance.

So I will have zits and be homeless at the same time.

So, my apologies to Barry Lyga, whom, in my smugness, I invited to a barbecue at my home to taunt him about the nice weather in Southern California. Um... well... I live up in the mountains, and we're under a winter storm warning, expecting a foot of snow this weekend.

In most civilized parts of the planet (it's 20 miles from my home to the nearest traffic light), they do crazy things like plow streets after snowfalls. Not where I live, which will account for my acne-blemished homelessness.

I've been snowed out before.

It's lonely.

So I'm vowing to re-invent my zitty homeless self over my forthcoming lost and lonely weekend. I'm vowing to make the effort to fit in.

I'm making a list of things I'll need to do to accomplish my homeless/zitty/lonely re-creation, and it probably will begin with something whimsical, like using an emoticon on my next blog entry.

I'm not quite ready to do it yet.

I'll keep you posted from the zitty-homeless-lonely-but-trying-hard-to-fit-in laptop this weekend.

Have I ever told you how much I despise the alleged "high-speed" internet access at lonely hotels?