Monday, January 17, 2011

death and the hipster (part 2)

Hipster: Okay. Fine. Death.

Death: And I have come to claim you.

Hipster: Oh. I can't be bothered with being "claimed" at the moment. It's, like, everyone does that. You know how it is. You'll have to come up with something different that nobody else does yet. Besides, I'm on my way to a Sigur Ros concert.

Death: People are going to get pissed off at Smith for writing that last line.

Hipster: Wow. Meta.

Death: I can dig meta.

Hipster: So... you want to get something to eat or something?

Death: Wait. You eat?

Hipster: Asian fusion.

Death: Fair trade?

Hipster: No, but they have free Wi-Fi.

Death: I'm on it.

(to be continued)