Friday, March 20, 2009

when i'm writing

-- I find it difficult to get anything else accomplished. Actually, I intentionally neglect things.

-- The office where I write is about 8 feet away from my bed. Bed... computer... coffee.

-- If I'm away, sometimes I will write by email and send chunks back to my office computer, even if by cell phone.

-- I probably shouldn't try to cross streets.

-- That's why I can get things finished so quickly.

-- That's where I'm at right now. The days start like this, at 3:00 AM, and I don't get much sleep.

I don't know if that's a good thing right now, either. I have these huge things hanging over me and they're the kinds of things that I have no power to resolve and all I can do is wait, but I suck at that.

Especially when I'm writing.

And the thing I'm writing is pretty dark, even by my standards; and if I admit that, then that's pretty scary because it is making me particularly crazy right now.

A friend of mine read a blurb on in the path of falling objects, and he said, "You kind of have issues, don't you Drew? Not the cheery fellow, are you?"

I didn't get it.

In any event, if it helps my avoidance of any type of brand, the next book I have coming out is pretty goddamned funny.

But the one I'm working on now...

what a trip.

Back to work.