Saturday, March 7, 2009

from a "real" person

Okay. I separate readers into two categories. One of them, I call "real people."

I haven't thought of a name for the other one yet.

Real people are people who have absolutely no connection to writing, bookselling, or the publishing industry. Oh... and their last name can't be Smith. That doesn't make those of us in the other category fake, but maybe it serves to explain why I don't write reviews of books for general consumption.

(Oh... and as hypocritical as this may sound, I love it when people in the non-real people category review my books... just in case you wanted to... um... Stephen King or some dude like that. Heck... I'd even settle for the guy who wrote Gone.)

Anyway, I got an email yesterday from a real person who'd just read in the path of falling objects. So here's a bit of my first real review:

It isn't often that you get a read that is EASY, interesting, engaging (actually...enthralling, really) AND shows amazing writing ability. You know what I mean?

What you've done is make quality writing accessible. So many books are easy to read but the writing is truly horrendous (or sub par at best). in the path is going to be read by all ages and appreciated for a LOT of different reasons. This book could be used as a primer in a college creative writing class AND as a lit circle book for high school kids!'s gender neutral.

I need to gather my thoughts before I talk to you about the actual characters. I have a lot of questions.

This book feels like more than just a book.

Okay. I'll take that. From a "real" person.

Another real review should be up next week.