Sunday, March 1, 2009

two weeks before the ides

Really, this is the part of the book journey that is the most fun: between the arrival of the first galleys and the release date.

There's something especially exciting about seeing a book you've worked on actually published and bound in its first incarnation... as an advance reader copy. But, as you can see, this ARC is particularly eye-grabbing, thanks to the edgy artistic styling of Rich Deas. That sounds like something you'd say about a lounge bar piano player, but... cool-looking design in any event, Rich.

Wait till you see his cover.

This is the second post of the day, and I'm keeping it short so I can proof the galley. So far, halfway through, I found one error and one word I want to strike out. So, pretty clean, I'd say.

The earlier post was a promo poster we had made for when I do author visits. We did a couple of them. I'm going to leave you with the one I like best: