Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a review from a reader

Here's a review of in the path of falling objects that was recently sent out to a very large group of teachers (and... thanks!):

While writing a book in and of itself is a feat that deserves recognition and praise, writing in the path of falling objects deserves a lot more than that. This is one of the most phenomenal, readable, gripping and original books I've ever read. Not only could it be a primer for a college-level creative writing class, but it could also be a casual read for someone who HATES READING! It's that good.

Smith's narrative style is NOT that of a new author's second attempt at writing. It's like he's been writing for years and has really honed his craft. I can not say this enough. It is very rare to find a book so original (I've never read anything like it), so readable and so well-written all at the same time. You know how some books are easy to read but the writing is so lame you think, "They paid someone for this?" Or a book's narrative is so complex that it makes your brain hurt to read it? Smith's writing made me say, "I wish I were smart enough to write something like this."

The book comes out in the fall and you AND your kids AND your students will love it. Even if you hate to read, you will like this book.

This isn't a book snob writing this, it's a reader who was absolutely floored at how good this book is.

Nice words.