Saturday, March 21, 2009

the road trip from hell

in the path of falling objects has been briefly described as the story of two brothers on a road trip from hell.

That's kind of a catchy tag line, I guess, but, to me, the story is really more like a road trip through hell.

Without revealing too much here, I will say you'll see plenty of allusions to The Wizard of Oz in the book, and my thought, in plotting out the novel's arc, was what if you were following the golden pathway with the intention of getting to the innermost center of hell? What if Dorothy and crew were messed-up, self-destructive derelicts who destroyed everything they encountered along the way?

You get the gist.

Yesterday, I heard from the first kid to read the book (besides my own son, Trevin, who has been spending a couple days silently "processing" the book). Tommy, who's 17 and begged me to loan him a galley, doesn't say much. He finished the book in three days, though, and he told me he loved it... he said it was better that Ghost Medicine, and when would he be able to read my next one?

Damn. I write fast... but not at that pace.