Sunday, March 8, 2009

measuring up

When I woke up this morning, it was really freekin cold outside. What's freekin cold for California? Probably around 26 degrees.

Fahrenheit, in case you're living somewhere that quantifies measurements in a snobbishly logical base-ten system.

And it's an hour earlier than it was at this time yesterday.

Unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii.

Or hell, where clocks undoubtedly stand still.

As a pretty routine-oriented guy, these jet lag days piss me off. There was an hour there yesterday, and it's not there today... and don't try to placate me by saying you're giving it back in October. Or November. Or whenever it is now. I hate that too.

So today, at an hour that would have been later if it happened yesterday, I am taking my daughter to Pasadena so she can see Lisa Yee and get her copy of Absolutely Maybe autographed.

She loved that book.

Prep the bunny, Lisa... I don't want to traumatize it again.