Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the rant continues

I am not going to cuss. I am not going to cuss.

Okay. So I wake up this morning... embark on the daily routine, go to post up the Professor Bignuts blog rant, and my freekin internet connection doesn't work. I think it's my wireless router, but crap. So I have to post my last night's draft of it (that's how Professor Bignuts rolls -- now you know something TRUE about me), which explains the wrong freekin date on the Prof BN post... and I have to do all this from my iPhone (including this very clarifying post).

All this while my agent is doing some new deals for me... no freekin internet, no Facebook at home... and I am extremely tempted to tweet a 140-character rant via iPhone on Twitter.


So... if the posts are spotty in the next couple days, you know why.