Saturday, April 23, 2011

in case you were wondering...

Sometimes I like to put up pictures of things that are actually in my books.

This is for my readers in landlocked, waveless states.

It's for surfing. Get over it.

To me, there are few memories and experiences more intense or better than this: lying out on the water on your surfboard on a brilliant and warm day when the water isn't painfully cold and the swells are perfect and forgiving, and smelling the sea and Mr. Zogs Sex Wax all at the same time.

One time, when we were kids -- when everyone in the state of California who surfed wore Sex Wax T-shirts -- my brother and I went to Disneyland, and the people at the gates refused to let him into the park because he had a Sex Wax shirt on. He had to turn it inside-out to get in.

True story.

Best-smelling stuff in the world.

(And there isn't a surfer in the world who hasn't seriously considered tasting it -- hence the modern-day, lawsuit-avoiding warning on the label)