Saturday, July 18, 2009

party party party

Today is the day. I will have to endure the humiliation of a birthday party.

There's little that can be done about it; no practical escape route without initiating a war. At the very least, I have made a requirement that guests so inclined to lavish me with gifts must choose instead to bring books for teenage boys which will be donated to the high school's GUYS READ group.


Oh, and I've been assigned the task of cleaning my upstairs office, which has taken more than two days now -- just in case people make it over from the Club and want to see El Rancho de Drew, and "where he works."

I am going to take pictures -- not of the party (good God no!), but of my office, and I will post them on the blog later this week. Someone in New York wants to see "where he works," too.