Wednesday, July 15, 2009

important news about the website

Well... I think it's important.

In the coming weeks, the Ghost Medicine website is going to undergo some significant changes. The reason for this is that, obviously, I've got lots more books coming out and I don't think it's such a wise thing to have a different website for each book... even though it could be reasonably argued that a different guy wrote every one of them.

In any event, will be my official author's website, and on it I will include all the pertinent stuff about each of my books: Ghost Medicine, in the path of falling objects, and even my forthcoming novel, The Marbury Lens on one centralized super-mega-site.

So let me know if there's anything you think is an essential component of cool author websites... like, for example, blackmail photographs of other authors I know.

Yes, I have some of those.

I don't like keeping things the same for too long, anyway, and this will give me a chance to play around with new content and new aesthetics as well.

But this blog isn't going anywhere, so don't worry... or worry, as the case may be.

I will definitely announce the changeover when it becomes official.