Thursday, July 16, 2009

a glimpse of the future

Well, conveniently enough as I work through a massive redesign of my website,, I received the image for the final cover design to in the path of falling objects, which you see above.

Yeah... it's a great cover. Very intense. And I know how hard Rich Deas and the other people at Feiwel and Friends worked on the details of the cover. Believe me, I heard all about it at ALA; and now, I guess, the umbilical cord has finally been cut and everyone can see the baby.

The cover art also sneaks in to the book's creepy trailer, which is posted below. Have the sound turned on when you watch it.

And of course the cover art and trailer will be on the new website, which also has a page for teachers and librarians, where you can download PDF versions of the teacher discussion guides for Ghost Medicine and in the path of falling objects.

The in the path of falling objects teacher guide debuted at last week's American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago, and was a big hit: glossy, full color, folded pamphlet that can fit right inside the book. And, yes, we ran out of those teacher guides even faster than we ran out of books (We had more ARCs, after all).

So the site should probably be ready for unveiling within a few days.