Monday, July 20, 2009

around home

So I took some pictures around my house this morning for those who were even remotely curious about "where he works."

First of all, our chickens' eggs are hatching, and in order to spare the chicks from being eaten by our cats, we've decided to take them into the house. Unfortunately, they have imprinted in their minds that we are their family. More unfortunately, they are San Francisco Giants fans.

My office is upstairs, behind the curtain of beads on the other side of the big fish. Yes, that is Lakshmi in the lower right. A gift from a friend in India.

When I am sitting at my desk and the sun's coming up, this is what it looks like. Yes, those are skeletons hanging on my wall. The one to the left of the doors played a minor role on page one of in the path of falling objects.

I pulled back to show the computer I use to write my books. Also, in the corner beside the famous skeleton is my son's first stick-pony named Blackie.

Finally, if you look down from one side of the office deck, you can see our greenhouse and some of the gardens. The horse paddock is on the other side of the fence.

So, that's where he works, and that's what it looked like in California this morning.