Wednesday, July 8, 2009

it's not you, it's me


I'd like to thank my neighbor, the one-eyed toothless hillbilly, for not raping, killing, and eating me yet. Also, thanks to the shadowy figure in my window, and the monster of the lake, originally named "Sham Wow" by the first Spanish settlers here. As always, my deepest thanks go out to my untreated clinical depression, bipolar, and obsessive compulsive disorders (My "Three Musketeers"). You guys rock. As do my general anxiety, despair, relentless insomnia, isolation, self-destructive fascinations, and feelings of intense failure. God only knows that I'd never be able to write if I had even a passing moment of optimism, unrestrained contentment, or hopefulness for the future.

I love you guys.