Thursday, March 3, 2011

words to build stuff

Yesterday, I sent my first-ever book to a kid in Delaware.

Like most Californians, I continue to have my doubts as to the actual existence of the state of Delaware.

We never see cars from Delaware here... so it either must be just that cool of a place that nobody wants to leave or it doesn't exist. Maybe the entire state was abducted by aliens or something.

But, anyway, Brian... that is, if you, indeed are real and of this world, I sent you a copy of The Marbury Lens, just like I promised I would.

A couple weeks ago, I posted something about a boy from Canada who was having a hard time finding books to connect to. So, being fully confident that Canada exists -- having been there numerous times -- I sent him a copy of The Marbury Lens as well.

Mail to Canada, like mail to the cosmos, takes a while. He just got the book yesterday, and his mom, quite a respectable book blogger, posted something about it on her site, The Books I Read (linked below).

Anyway, it's a nice story that makes me feel -- brace yourself -- happy. So I hope the kid enjoys the trip to Marbury, which is probably a lot like Delaware, now that I consider the is-it-real-or-not implications.

But his mom told me that the boy's library actually has a copy of The Marbury Lens on hand.

So, I'm not just extraterrestrial, I am international.

Speaking of which...

The other day I got a chance to meet and chat with author Lauren Kate. It was really cool. Lauren, who writes the Fallen series, told me she'd recently returned from a book tour to the Philippines.

I was, like, holy crap, The Philippines???

I thought that would be the coolest place ever to go on a book tour.

And Lauren was, like, telling me how all the kids there were crazy about The Marbury Lens, too, which I thought was super-cool.

She said something like, You're HUGE in the Philippines, which made me feel a little self-conscious, considering I thought my outfit of choice for the evening was rather slimming.

Anyway, you can read The Books I Read here.