Wednesday, March 2, 2011


No, this is not the cover.

We are still planning on a "cover reveal" for Stick on a number of YA, book, and writers' blogs.

When we have an actual, this-is-it cover to reveal.

It's no big deal, I suppose. It seemed like it took forever for the final cover of In the Path of Falling Objects, too.

The Marbury Lens cover just surprised me by popping into my inbox one day over a year ago.

And, to be honest, I have seen a cover for Stick, too, and I totally love it, but it can't be shown yet because it's not the final version.

Or something.

But I did find out yesterday that the release date for Stick is October 11, 2011. How did I find out? It's already posted on a few bookstore and review sites (with no cover image, thankfully).

When the cover can be shown, believe me, I will direct you to the few friends' sites that will be participating in the big reveal.

But, like so many things that could serve me well as a motto:

It won't happen here.

Until then... well... what can I say?

I bet there will be people who find out about it way before I do, and then tell me about it. I even have a friend who managed to obtain a cover image for Stick and then gushed about it to me... and I was, like, really??? really???

So I asked my friend to show me the image.

And it was the wrong one. So I had to beg that person to please, please, please do not ever show that to anyone.

Ah... the wonders of the internet.

I bet if I looked hard enough I could probably find sites where I could download a pirated e-book copy of Stick, too.

Who needs patience when you've got p2p file sharing?