Tuesday, March 15, 2011

scary smart kids

It surprises me, at times, how diverse my readers can be.

I recently received a few emails from an 11-year-old boy who read The Marbury Lens. I was, to be honest, kind of surprised that an 11-year-old would read such a book, which kind of reinforces my belief that we can't just lump kids into particular target groups simply on the basis of age (or gender, for that matter), which is the knee-jerk approach of a lot of adult literacy guides out there.

That's why parents need to read, too. Unless you want the Wii and X-Box to raise your kids. Trust me, they'll all end up being minimum-wage employees at the companies run by kids like that 11-year-old boy who took the time to send me some emails about his thoughts on The Marbury Lens.

And, speaking of 11-year-old kids, you should check out the video clip on Lady Reader's Bookstuff. The ending segment of the clip includes a little mini-review from one of my favorite young fans out there.

Thank you, Lexi.

You can see Lady Reader's "IMM" video here.