Monday, March 7, 2011

eating snowflakes with plastic forks


So today, I am expecting to receive the typeset galley pages for Stick.

I can't get too excited for two reasons: first, any kind of delivery up here where I live is pretty iffy at best; and, second, I fully expect there are going to be some errors which my obsessive eyes will not be able to overcome.

Still, I promise to put a scan or photo of a favorite page on here tomorrow morning (assuming they come today).

And, speaking of the post's title today, I've seen some rough cuts of the soon-to-be-released live-action trailer for Stick with sound and music tracks laid in, and, well... it's pretty amazing.

We just need to edit in one more already-filmed scene and a couple of crucial graphics, and it will be ready to go. I think it's one of the best book trailers ever, but I'm probably not the most objective judge of such things.

I saw a blog or something yesterday where the author was asking people if they ever watched book trailers. I didn't comment. Maybe, again, I'm not the typical audience, but I do watch book trailers, even from books that I know going in I would never want to read. And I have seen some really good book trailers for books that are definitely not my type.

So, yeah... I watch them. Some of them I'll watch multiple times, too. And if they're done well, like a good movie trailer, they can show you a lot without actually showing you anything, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, it's coming soon. First the pages, then the big cover reveal, and, finally, the trailer trash.