Thursday, March 17, 2011

watch me disappear

I kind of disappeared yesterday.

People often ask me what my "favorite" book is, among those I've written. I really don't have "favorites" of anything.

Well. Except for my children.

Just kidding.

I do have a special kind of connection to all the books I've written. My first book, Ghost Medicine is kind of about disappearing.

I think it's a really good book, too.

Apparently, so do some of the people at Seneca Valley Intermediate High School in Harmony, Pennsylvania. They got 150 copies of Ghost Medicine to use in their 9th grade English classes.

Now I want to go to that school. Next time I'm in PA... I am so going to be there.

That is a really cool thing.

Today is Saint Patrick's Day.

I have been to Ireland. I brought my kids there last year. It was really cool.

I mention this because Saint Patrick's Day actually occurs in my forthcoming novel, Stick. Something transformational happens to a couple of the characters on that day, as a matter of fact. And the boys in the book do happen to be Irish-American, too.

It would be a really good book for a high school English class, too.

Happy non-disappearing Saint Patrick's Day.