Sunday, April 18, 2010

tomato day

April 18 is supposed to be tomato day where I live. That means that it's officially not supposed to freeze or snow any more and you can safely plant tomatoes.

Days like this in California make you believe that it's going to be summer from now on, but we're supposed to get three days of storms coming up in the week, too.

So I did my grasshopper and the ant routine today. As much as I begrudge stacking firewood on days like today, it is a necessary thing (since it's the only way we keep our home heated) when the weather forecast calls for storms ahead.

Even if it is, supposedly, tomato day.

I have to say, too, that the coolest part about yesterday's talk about having a career as a writer was that my presentation was attended by just as many teenage boys as girls. And they had their parents with them, too, asking some really good questions about schooling and what kinds of things their kids should focus on if they were really serious about becoming writers.

So yesterday was kind of like tomato day for kids who want to be writers one day.