Saturday, April 10, 2010

the ppj

Okay. Well, this week, I've been reading ARCs of books that will be out later this year, and I sent a note to an author of one of them -- I'll write something about this book later -- about how totally cool this particular book is.

Part of the reason for sending the note was that the author told me that not many people at all have read the novel yet, and so was interested in my opinion of it. First of all, I'd never say anything to an author if I read a book of theirs and didn't like it -- silence, in the writing biz, is the sound of vomit through a megaphone.

So, anyway... yeah... this novel is totally freaking cool. And the author of it sent me something back, mentioning how it was a relief to hear it because, you know, we all get pre-publication jitters. That's where we doubt ourselves and our work, wonder why we ever set out to do this thing in the first place, get cranky and moody, and generally go crazy.

I guess every author goes through PPJ differently, but I am certain we all get it. For me, with The Marbury Lens, my PPJ has been particularly severe. And, as you can see by the countdown timer over there >>>>>, I have 212 days to go.

How do you deal with PPJ?