Friday, September 2, 2011

labor days

It is September.

Next month, Stick will be out.

I have been away from here because I have been working very many hours every day. And I have also been trying to adjust to the weird changes at home. We use a lot less electricity, nobody is playing electric guitar at 2 a.m., we eat a lot less food, and there is always plenty of hot water for showers.

Next month, when Stick comes out, I will be doing a few events. I need to update my schedule on my "sightings" page.

On October 2, I will be at the Orange County Festival of Books. I will be posting information and links for that event, as well as listing who all will be there with me.

On October 11, Stick hits the stores. People who pre-ordered it will also be getting the novel delivered to their doorsteps that day.

October 22, I will be in Long Beach attending the SCIBA Awards dinner (let's all quietly root for The Marbury Lens, which is a finalist). Or loudly.

On October 30, I will be speaking at Mrs. Nelson's Bookstore in LaVerne with a panel of male authors about The Why Chromosome -- it's about why boys really do read and how there's a myth that is being perpetuated about "losing" boys as readers.

Big myth.

I am trying to get back into the swing of things, despite all this extra quiet and electricity and shit like that.