Sunday, September 18, 2011

concerning the bison, and free will

I began to consider the fact that maybe history is actually the great destroyer of free will. 

Whenever my day starts with me making a list of things I need to do, I know I've already buried myself.

I hate making lists.

Once anything gets written down, free will dies.

But I have been so busy with tasks that I haven't even bothered to notice things that need noticing. Like, for example, congratulating all my friends whose books were nominated for American Library Association Best Fiction for Young Adults 2012.

And I realize, too, that as much as I avoid talking about what I am writing as opposed to what I have written, when I am writing, things stack up and I get buried. I have had a flat tire on one of my cars for about two weeks. I should probably change it today.

That is not on my list.

I hate changing tires, too.

A few weeks back, I did an interview with a friend in the Netherlands, Mina Witteman, for this really cool website that posts stories and reviews of books and authors who have musical influences in their lives and works.

The website is called Booktunes, and it is very cool. 

I think the only book I have ever written that does not mention music is The Marbury Lens. Die-hard fans of Andrew Smith will know the answer to the trivia question about the song and artist mentioned in Ghost Medicine, and Stick, which will also be featured on Booktunes, has a very important but short playlist of three great songs.

Booktunes featured a review of my second novel, In the Path of Falling Objects. It really is a very cool site, and I am honored they chose to write about my work and post an interview, too.

The links follow:

This is the link for Booktunes Issue 22

Here is Booktunes' review of In the Path of Falling Objects

Here is Booktunes' interview with me