Monday, September 5, 2011

how not to work on labor day

Okay, back to the essential conference topics and shit like that.

It is Labor Day, and I am working.

Being a writer is not very easy at all.

Being a writer is not easy for me because when I am writing something, everything else in my life gets ignored or put aside. Like today, for example. The payoff is not terrific, either.

I have never cared about money. I know that is a ridiculous thing to say. Agents do not understand that kind of crazytalk. I only care about writing good shit.

I made a list of all the people who will be pissed off at me over this last book I've written. Well, not all the people, but a lot of them.

Here is part of my list:

People from Iowa, people from Minnesota, people from Delaware, people from Indiana, people who profit from war, people who smoke methamphetamine, scientists, chemistry teachers, Lutherans, Catholics, people who have trained circus dog acts, relatives of Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Calvin Coolidge, Chou En-lai, people who particularly like birds that talk, book banners, the entire Hollywood motion picture industry, the country of China, the country of Italy, the country of Canada, American pharmaceutical companies, Spiro Agnew, Rupert Murdoch, and Meghan Cox Gurdon.

That is just a partial list, off the top of my head.

If I end up getting whacked, it's probably going to be by some asshole with a trained circus dog act.

That said, I stumbled upon a most beautifully written review of Stick this morning. The review is written by a Young Person's Librarian in Pennsylvania, so... enough said. Librarians who write reviews are right up there with booksellers as far as people whose reviews matter.

The review is on a really nice blog called DogEar.

Anyway, the review is really well-done. It's like an honor to have a book reviewed in such a well-worded piece. Thank you, librarian at DogEar.

You can read the DogEar review of Stick here.