Thursday, September 29, 2011

the boy in the glass

I am not going to pout.

I am not going to pout.

I got my first revision package for Passenger yesterday.

Passenger is the sequel to The Marbury Lens. It is coming out next fall, in 2012. Actually, when you think about it, this means we have to go through all the editing stuff pretty fast. I have not even spoken with my editor about Advance Copies and stuff. Usually, a fall release's Advance Copies come out in spring -- around April or so.

Personally, I don't even want to give out Advance Copies of the book. I do not want anyone to know anything about what happens to Jack and Conner and Griffin and Ben. So, you will probably have to ask Feiwel and Friends directly if you actually hope to get an ARC. You will not get one from me.

Ha ha.

Since we have to work quickly, I am not allowed to pout about the revision.

So here: I am now taking the manuscript out of the envelope.

I am holding it in my hands.

There is no letter this time, only notes on the pages.

I kind of like that. Liz (chimes) has very soothing penmanship, and she writes in pencil, which is also soothing.

Now I am putting the manuscript back in the envelope.

I am not pouting.

This is going to be... um... interesting.