Monday, August 8, 2011

a writer's conference in continuous session

For those of you who did not read agent and editor tips and tricks (part one), let me catch you up:

I wanted to live, live, live.

A dog was chewing on my arm.

I think he mostly wanted to eat, eat, eat.

The crazy doctor's significantly more insane wife was telling me to let go of her dog.

(She died a few days after this, by the way, in a tragic and horrible way that I won't detail).

This is true.

And, after the pepper spray fully incapacitated me, the police officer asked me this:

"Hey... aren't you that writer guy who lives up there with those horses?"

I told him I was.

And he said to me this:

"You know, I have this great idea for a book, or a movie, or maybe both!"

Which now brings me to the topic of my Keynote Address, which I will deliver tomorrow.