Friday, August 19, 2011

soup from paint cans

I admit these have been quiet days.

But the Andrew Smith How To Be A Writer Conference is far from over. I still have to do those breakout sessions on how easy it is to write a book for children and how to handle critics.

Believe me, they are worth every cent of the cost of admission.

Tonight is the last night my son will be a resident of my home. I am not throwing him out. Tomorrow, he is driving up to Berkeley with his mother and sister to move into the dorms at Cal. Move-in day for freshmen is Sunday. I am flying up there tomorrow to see him off and have dinner with him, and then flying back down because I can't be away for too long right now.

So, the next couple days I'll be checking on the blog with stories from from Berkeley, and I hope to get back to the conference early next week.