Friday, June 17, 2011

what the wild dog sees when it wakes boys up

The post is a bit later than usual today because I had to wait for the relevant information to come in about Monday's live-streamed radio show from Minnesota Public Radio.

Trust me, I was not sleeping in.

I am happy -- and kind of anxious -- to be part of MPR's continuing coverage of the Wall Street Journal column by Meghan Cox Gurdon that criticized and assailed Young Adult literature in general -- and me and my recent novel, The Marbury Lens, in particular.

So... here are all the details about Monday's (June 20) program:

The program will air live between 10 - 11 a.m. in Minnesota [Come on... you can figure it out -- 8 - 9 in California, and 11 - 12 in New York].

The hyperlink to Minnesota Public Radio's Midmorning Show is listed below.

The current link will play today's (Friday, June 17) show, but it will be the correct link for Monday, June 20.

Listeners outside the state of Minnesota will be able to hear the program streamed live on the link.

There will also be a comment box on the link, so people listening in can make comments during real time.

Listeners can also Tweet the host, Kerri Miller (her Twitter link is listed below), and may also chime in on Facebook (linked below, as well).

Of course, this is a phone-in show, so listeners are also able to call in to speak with Kerri and me.

The program will run clips of Megan Cox Gurdon's interview on MPR, and the other guest will be Karen MacPherson, YA librarian at Takoma Park Library in Maryland, and columnist for Scripps Howard News Service.


Am I ready to do this? Like I said, I think I'm going to have to say some things I have never admitted to about my book in the past.

  • Kerri Miller on Twitter -- @kerrimpr