Thursday, June 16, 2011

radio radio

So... when I find out the information on the Minnesota Public Radio gig, I'll post them online.

I neglected to mention that this is a call-in show, where the station will allow (and screen) callers who raise relevant points and ask valid questions. All very interesting to me, because I'll be sitting in a studio in Los Angeles, participating in a show from Minnesota, that takes callers from... anywhere.

You should call in.


Last night, when I was lying in my usual place where I stare up at the swirling nothingness between me and the ceiling, I decided this might possibly be the right time for me to say two or three very... um... rattling truths about The Marbury Lens that I have NEVER said publicly.

Just because people like Meghan Cox Gurdon and The Los Angeles (you don't really expect me to READ that, do you -- I'm late for my whitening session and pilates) Review of [SKIMMED] Books might benefit, in some way, from hearing it.


Eh... who am I kidding?