Sunday, June 12, 2011

ain't got nothin' but a gun

So, last week I listed some of the questions I was asked by students of the Creative Writing class I visited at Newbury Park High School.

I'm going to continue posting answers to them, but they sent me one they wanted to know about in an email.

Here's what they asked: The kids wanted to know that if they have a first novel, what path would I advise? They wanted to know if I thought it was best to get an agent and go the traditional route, or to possibly consider "Indie" publishing.

The reason they asked was that, as is often the case, we did talk about the business aspect of writing -- my agent, editor, and publishing houses. And we also talked about how things are changing at the moment, and what these changes may mean for writers who haven't yet started out.

So, I did write them back a lengthy response, qualifying it as I usually do with the caveat that my opinion doesn't matter and my experience is limited only to what has happened to me, so anyone else they ask the same questions to will likely give them an entirely different response.

Which, I think, is a fair way to deal with kids -- or anyone -- who are excited about trying their hands at writing.