Sunday, May 8, 2011

the tale of the bet

All things have been accomplished, to quote Uncle Teddy.

Well, it's not exactly over yet, but we do know the results of The Bet.

The authors came in as follows:

Brian Farrey


Catherine Ryan Hyde

Kimberly Pauley

This means that I will be writing a story with a title supplied by Brian Farrey. Catherine gets a title from me, and Kimberly's title comes from Catherine Ryan Hyde.

Catherine suggested a deadline of 30 days to complete our stories. That works for me. I'm in the idea-mill mode at the moment, playing around with some thoughts.

Each of us has to publish our stories on our blogs, but I have a feeling that someone will make a web-anthology site for all of them.

I have to say thanks to Brian for getting this going. It was probably the coolest thing I've ever done on Twitter. And I am really looking forward to reading the stories produced by The Bet.

This isn't like a slouchy high school assignment. I believe the writers involved are taking their tasks very seriously. If you haven't followed #TheBet on Twitter, here are the titles of the forthcoming stories:

Miss Candor Sends Her Regrets -- Andrew Smith

The Art of Being Stuck Here -- Catherine Ryan Hyde

Uncle Mo's Gastrointestinal System -- Kimberly Pauley

... and we're off.