Thursday, December 9, 2010

the ruler of all the pieces


So, first of all, I haven't really been in much of a talkative mood lately.

Weird stress trip downers are permeating my exceedingly porous cocoon of esteem.

But I'm not saying anything.

This weekend, I am looking forward to being in San Diego on Saturday and Sunday, doing the bookstore things. On Saturday evening, I'll be at Mysterious Galaxy's Holiday Bash. Doing stuff. With books and things.

Like, The Marbury Lens.

And, The Marbury Lens made it on to a couple more super-cool lists this week, too. That makes me feel really good.

You know what also made me feel good (after a really shitty past couple days)? A teacher complained to me because THREE students were reading The Marbury Lens in class, instead of paying attention to the teacher.

Yeah... that's me: singlehandedly undermining the standardization of today's youth.

Keep it up, kids. I will give presents.

So, cool lists for The Marbury Lens this week:

First of all, Jack made it onto Lauren's list of Great Books for Everyone on Your Shopping List, over at Mrs. Nelson's Books.

And, over at Galley Cat, The Marbury Lens was named to their list of Best YA Books of 2010.

Speaking on behalf of Jack, The Marbury Lens and I are very flattered.

Thanks so much.