Tuesday, July 12, 2011

within reach

Well, I've been dragging today. But I'm playing a game where we're going to post five random things that are in reach from where I am sitting right at the moment.

In no particular order, and this may give you some idea of the eclectic clutter of my office:

1. Wonder Woman

Let me answer your question right now: I do not know why.

2. A medal from the Big Sur International Marathon 2004

I've run something like 30 marathons in my life (finished them all... yes, 26.2 miles long). I've done Big Sur maybe 5 times. It's the nicest marathon in the world, but very tough.

3. An ARC of In The Path Of Falling Objects

What can I say? I like all my books. This one's a psycho trip.

4. A Mandolin

...that happens to be sitting beside a copy of the audiobook of Ghost Medicine.

5. And a very old clock

...from my grandfather's house, dating back to the 1920s, I think.