Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday, I posted four lines from my first four novels that were examples of ME speaking through my characters. Today, I'm going to post four more, from my next four novels.

I'm only going to say the title of two of them, since there are some secrets here that I'm not allowed to talk about yet:

1. From a forthcoming novel. It's fairly self-explanatory, about memory:

This is it. You can't possibly believe things just end, dry up, go away, can you?

2. From Winger, coming out in 2013 from Simon & Schuster. In this, a kid named Seanie Flaherty is explaining something about handshakes to the main character, Ryan Dean West, after the two of them have gone through a fairly serious strain in their relationship:

Guys can just tell things about other guys with the pressure of a handshake. Too tight, and you’re a competitive asshole. Not tight enough, or cold and moist… you probably spend a lot of time looking at porn sites. 

3. From Once There Were Birds, coming out in 2014 from Simon & Schuster. In this, the main character, Barrett, answers a question about why he became a boxer (this is my explanation to why I became a writer, although I did used to box):

The alternatives were markedly less attractive.

4. And, in this forthcoming novel, one friend explains to another about the steady exodus of people away from their broken-down town as they stand behind an abandoned podiatrist's office:

Bad business plan, fixing people's feet in a town everyone's dying to run away from.


Hope you enjoyed these insights/outbursts.