Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my "experimental" phase

Well, if you were hoping to see the next panels from Dystopia, U.S.A. -- sorry to disappoint.

There is more. Lots more.

Just not today.

Because the comics are kind of disturbing.

Sometimes, the most normal things can instigate the severest discomfort. But I think that's the whole point (I may not be expressing in the most elegant way) about "dark" literature.

Remember all those corny sci-fi movies from the 50s -- when small town America was shivering in paroxysms of terror over Communism? Nothing like blood-sucking aliens or giant ants to sooth the nerves -- you know, something you could easily identify and kill.

And that little "experiment" of mine I started about two weeks ago -- the one where I wasn't going to start working on anything new?

As Stark McClellan reasons to his brother, Bosten, in Stick (coming in October), "That experiment didn't last long, did it?"