Thursday, November 18, 2010

while we're on the subject

Well. While we're on the subject of blog surprises, I just (within the last few minutes -- literally) received notice from my editor that The Marbury Lens has been named to Booklist's Editor's Choice list for the best books of 2010.

I wish I had a link to share, but this is brand new fresh news that just went public. I'm sure I'll be seeing a link for it soon.

Maybe I'm going to need to use a smaller font on the index page of my website.

But, again, I am totally blown away by the reactions I've gotten to this book. I actually have been receiving fan mail from young people around the country -- and I'm, like, holy shit! I mean, I've gotten nice emails from readers on all my books (even just got one from a first-time reader of Ghost Medicine a few days ago), but they've never come so quickly after a book's release. I'm blown away because I never thought I'd put this book out, and then I kind of assumed that if I did, people would think I'm creepy and insane.

Which I may be.


Thank you, Booklist.