Friday, November 5, 2010

if i could only get to oceanside

So, coincidentally enough (and, like Jung, I believe all things are coincidentally linked), yesterday I mentioned a blogger named Brent Taylor for whom I had been answering a list of [very good] interview questions -- and then, in the afternoon, I received a particularly amused email from my editor in New York telling me I had to check out this linked review on The Marbury Lens.

The review appears on a blog Brent Taylor writes, and it has to be my absolute favorite review that my forthcoming book has received so far.


If more reviewers wrote with the straightforward candor of young dudes like Brent, I think stony faces would break everywhere across the country.

He also included a cool picture of me and Jack at the bottom of his post. Yeah, we're from California. Deal with it. I'm proud of how the rest of the nation views California as some kind of free-sex-flower-child-running-around-naked-anachronistic-commune from the late 60s. Jack and I do support the Trevor Project and Human Rights Campaign, and if marriage rights, fairness, and human equality total up to liberal in the simplified calculus of political selection, then you can slap us both and call me Trotsky.

You can read Brent Taylor's review of The Marbury Lens here.