Saturday, January 9, 2010

ya wanna write? (4)

"Here are five bullets for the boys on the boat.

Here is one more for the saint."

Fourth Bullet: Don't listen. Hear.

And record.

Use your observations as a savings account you can withdraw from later on when you need to.

I think the "Don't listen. Hear." admonition is particularly appropriate for some of the comment posters on my YI H8 YA series, as well as on some of the other blog sites that have been running the Did you hear what this guy "Andrew Smith" said??? torrents.

Um... well, no, apparently they didn't hear what I was saying.

It's a bit distracting, and Drew desperately wants to be released from his cage.

So, I can't do this today.

Yeah... I'm a puss.

I'll be back with the fourth bullet, maybe tomorrow.