Sunday, November 6, 2011

running out of non-lutheran boy clothes

Today is is rainy and windy and cold.

And I am getting out of bed to run a half-marathon (13.1 miles).

There are many obvious comparisons between running marathons and writing.

I have run 30 full (26.2 miles long) marathons in my life. Not too many half-marathons. This will be my third.

Running distance is dumb and it hurts. I have also done a 50-mile race.

Writing is also dumb and it hurts.

I think the attraction for me is the idea of doing something that the other 6-point-something billion people in the world would not choose to do, when given the opportunity to remain in bed.

Most people go back to bed after writing about a page and a half of prose, too.

The thing about running is that you are guaranteed to finish, as long as you do not die and keep moving forward.

You NaNo people should remember that, too.

Don't die and keep moving.

Get out of bed and write.