Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the inner tomb

I thought I would taunt you with something.

So, I have been working on my editing project for next year's offering, Passenger, which I am pretty sure you know is the sequel to The Marbury Lens.

It is entirely okay to cheer.

Anyway, I sent a short email to my editor (chime!) the other day, just to let her know how things were going. Because I am really into it and having fun... because it is a freaking cool book.

Okay. Well, I just mentioned something in passing, like... I know you're not a high-pressure editor and shit like that, but if you were to do something totally crazy and give me a deadline for this five-hundred-plus-paged beast, what would you say?


She said Monday.


Don't get me wrong... Monday is entirely okay with me. She knows how fast I can work when I am into something, and I am.



So I thought I would taunt you with this: The middle two hundred or so pages freak the shit out of me.

And it gets weirder after that.

Just sayin.