Thursday, November 10, 2011

roof access ⇑

So I am getting ready to head to Florida next week for the Miami Book Fair International.

Let me tell you about this. On November 18, Friday morning, I will be speaking -- alone -- to a group of 700 kids.

That is amazing.

And the organizers of the Miami Book Fair have purchased something like 100 of my books to hand out to the kids at that presentation.

So, I'm making a little show for them. I like doing stuff like that. I promise I will have stuff for them that I've never shown or talked about before.

And I mean that in the most non-creepy way possible.

For me.

I am most looking forward to meeting this kid named Ian, who was pretty much singlehandedly responsible for bringing me out to Miami. He's a big fan of all things Marbury.

When there are ARCs to give for Passenger, Ian gets number one.

Ian, it will freak you out. I can hardly tear myself out of it right now, and I've read the thing at least a hundred times.

And nobody else can ask me for an ARC of Passenger. I am not giving out any advance copies. If the people at Feiwel and Friends decide to do it, that is up to them. The rest of the world may have to collectively wait until the same time to find out what happens to Jack and the rest of the people (and monsters, new and old) linked together by The Marbury Lens.

Saturday, I'll be speaking with Ellen Hopkins. I am really looking forward to it. Ellen is so smart and funny, and I always have a good time at events with her.

That night, I'll be flying straight to Chicago, where I will be speaking, signing books, and stuff like that at the NCTE and ALAN conferences.

I will post more about these three amazing events in the coming days.

See you soon, Ian.