Tuesday, November 8, 2011

all roads intersect on pages on my desk

I have run an awful lot of marathons in my life, but this was the first time I'd ever started a race in so much rain. Rain has its particular challenges, like massive weight gain in your clothing.

45 degrees at the start, and pouring through the first 8 miles of a 13.1-mile race.

I liked it.

Most marathoners have had this experience, too. Here is what happened: At the finish of the race, I went back to my car so I could get out of my soaking wet clothes. I didn't even realize this had happened, but when I took my shoes off, both my feet were covered in blood. The rain had caused the tops of my shoes to cut into my ankles, and my sodden socks were completely red. I never even felt it until after the race was over.

That was cool.

I kind of felt guilty that I did not sign up for the full marathon.

Maybe next year.

It has been a very weird week in my life.

I will tell you about it in a week or so.