Saturday, November 5, 2011

discarded consonants from the wastepile of history

Here are some pictures of my past week:

First, one that I am particularly proud of. It is from Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon. Powell's is a legendary independent bookstore. I hope that everyone in America who gives gifts of books during the holiday season please buys at least one book from an independent bookseller. It's about much more than economic survival.

Next, this is a photo sent to me from a high school class that I am a big fan of in Arizona. The kids read, and their teacher connects them to books. I love this stuff:

And third, I think I have complained too much about my neighbor (ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CREEK BED) who screams and fights constantly (a very happy family) and plays Andrea Bocelli at ear-piercing levels to drown out the cacophony of their domestic discord. My Andrea Bocelli complaints have led to this popping up in my Facebook sidebar ads:

And that was my day.