Thursday, March 11, 2010

nick's day

By Nick Sweeney, Grade 11

Drew is a very bitter man. He hijacked the blog and changed the password. When he does that, it means one thing and one thing only: socks.

I am good at a few things: picking out clothes that match, predicting what color will be "in" this season (trust me, it's going to be yellow), and figuring out the web access passwords of bitter, simple-minded people.

Mr. Smith continues to hole himself up and refuses to answer his phone or reply to anything. He calls it "going all Sara Zarr, but with plywood instead of bandwidth."

Whatever that means.

So, I've been getting email questions from people asking me things like why I put up with Mr. Smith and stuff like that. I thought that maybe I would answer some of the email here on the blog, providing Drew doesn't try another hostile takeover with socks.

By the way, my email address is

But I don't really know how I should answer the one from yesterday asking why are the Smiths letting some weird kid hang out at their house and run the blog while Mr. Smith is in meltdown mode, and hadn't they learned their lesson by now about taking care of every lonely drifter who wanders by and needs a place to stay? 'Cause I mean, like, really?


Trust me.

-- Nick S.