Sunday, February 7, 2010

super messy

Nick has gone to some "super" party or something, so the blog is going unmanned today.

And I have decided to clean up my office.

A couple weeks ago, Nick posted some pictures he took of my office while he was "job shadowing" me. To be honest, the pictures actually show an office that is far more organized and orderly than this place where I am currently sitting.

This is horrible, and I am steeling myself to get it done -- to haul out what must be hundreds of pounds of papers and... do what with them?


Nick will be back eventually. He will not recognize the place when he returns. He'll probably think I've been killed or something.

Just a heads-up to people in the Los Angeles area:

Next Saturday, February 13, I will be speaking on a panel at the California Teachers of English (CATE) conference along with 5 other Southern California authors. It should be an interesting discussion: all about writing YA with normal, mortal, non-vampire characters.

Go figure... who'd ever think you could actually write books about being a human being?

Clean up time.