Wednesday, February 3, 2010

great cover

Nick gets the day off.

He owes the boss some work, anyway.

Yesterday, we saw the final cover art for this fall's release of The Marbury Lens.

As book covers go, it is a masterpiece. If you saw this looking at you in a bookstore, how could you not be drawn to it? How could you possibly look away? And, then, if you read the opening page, it's all over. You will not be able to stop reading it.

Just like what happens to Jack in the story. But we can't say more about that now.

Few book covers really convey so much of a story. We've spent quite some time looking at all the little details in this one, and there is a lot to it.

This is one of those book covers where you will read a certain part of the book and then look back to the jacket to see if what you think you see there is really there.

I don't know if he gets enough credit, but Rich Deas, the Art Director for Feiwel and Friends, outdid himself on this one. If this isn't the best cover Rich has ever done, then we need to see the rest.

Oh yeah... this is coming in poster form, buttons, shirts, and bookmarks. We will try to have some available when Smith goes to the SCIBA Literacy Dinner in Los Angeles on February 20, and, with more certainty, by the time he shows at the Family Festival of Books on February 28 in Chino.

More on these events coming soon.

Nick, get back to work.

-- Drew