Monday, October 3, 2011

rat men from mars

Blogging from the secret undisclosed location, day one.

They have very fast Wi Fi here.

One week from tomorrow, Stick will be here.

I read from  Stick yesterday at the Orange County Children's Book Festival. It was a really great day, and a beautiful venue for a book festival. Also, the crowds at all the readings and stages filled every available seat with many more people standing on the fringes, which is always a great thing to see happen at book festivals.

I think one of the things that attracted so many people out was the fact that the college is in a very nice community, and it was easy for thousands of people to manage transportation and parking (which was free and right on site of the event).

Here I am, in fact, wearing my Sex Wax T-Shirt, reading from Stick.

Sitting next to me is the talented Jessi Kirby (Moonglass). Also on my panel were Kirsten Hubbard (Like Mandarin) and Lindsey Leavitt (Sean Griswold's Head).

This is us:


For all boys who have ever dreamed about being an author one day, let me just say there are what to most people would be considered unexpected perks.

We are vastly outnumbered by beautiful women in the book writers' union.