Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the intergalactic bug cops

Yesterday was a quiet day.

We stayed home and ate hot dogs for dinner. I actually watched part of the Detroit game.

My son told me to send him my book.

Son, I have no books.

I will send him one that nobody has ever read yet. I did that with another unread manuscript when he went away to college and he liked it, so I will just send him another file of another book that nobody has read yet to keep him occupied.

Yesterday, I received two very special Congratulations on Pub Day emails. One was from my editor.

She said something that has also been a matter of some considerable distraction on my part. She noted the tone of surprise in many of the reviews popping up all over the place for Stick.

The surprise element comes in because a lot of reviewers picked up Stick anticipating another trip like Marbury.

I keep telling you people, I DO NOT WRITE THE SAME THING TWICE.

Even the sequel to Marbury, Passenger, is not the same old Marbury. I have told you that, too.

You will see.

So, anyway, back to this surprise, I have been slapped in the face with hope reaction to Stick.

Stick is my fourth published novel since 2008.

If my books were meals, here is what they would be:

1. Ghost Medicine -- This would be a very fancy, small-plate meal (like I had at A Coté last week) that would include every imaginable course, cheese, great wine, and spectacular dessert. The meal would involve great conversation and would last 4 hours.

2. In the Path of Falling Objects -- Barbecued bull testicles, with moonshine served in Mason jars. Funfetti cake for dessert.

3. The Marbury Lens -- Army C-Rations served in the jungle in Vietnam in 1968. Oh, and you're all alone because everyone you know and rely on has been killed. Also, you do not have a can opener. It's raining. You are the dessert.

4. Stick --  Pancakes in the kitchen at your favorite aunt's house.

So, sit down and have some pancakes, kid.